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Test-1 (The Light Bulb)

Test1 (The Light Bulb)


Although this light bulb is not connected to electricity; but still lighting!! While its laying on a board of a certain colour & texture. Of course the colour of the board is not what we can see and this is because of light. intentionally, a friend of mine who doesn't like light-bulbs at all brought a very small hammer then knocked the bulb and ran away, leaving me behind feeling sad while watching my beloved dead bulb. All of sudden, I decided to bring my digital camera to have one last shot of my bulb and keep it as memory. The weird thing was it did not move from its original place although got hammered. Finally, I got the shot of 7x4.65cm dimensions so as to keep it in my shirt pocket waiting for the graphic designers to get me out of my sadness by doing another shot of my dead bulb in their minds. 

What should you do?  Simply, pass this test by getting the fine art out of you and show your graphic design skills with reasonable imagination to produce the same shot of the broken bulb I have. Please remember it remains in the same position, there is no light and the board is no longer with the same colour. So, right click on the light bulb then save it to immediately start your mission bearing in mind, you have to finish two tests out of three -its your choice to decide on which test- then send them to as soon as possible. The fastest you finished the job, the higher your score will be.

Important Notice: You have to send back the light bulb shot exactly with the same parameters you got it. meaning:

  • 7x4.65cm dimensions
  • 300 dpi resolution
  • JPEG format 
  • 58.8 KB file size

      Best of luck

Test-2 (Fourth Dimension Group Logo)

Test2 (Fourth Dimension Group Logo)


Story began the moment we made our minds to offer a wide diversity of products and services to alike base of customers in different industries. In spite of this, Fourth Dimension Group is intending to build its own successful future through aligning between the best quality services, products, customer-care and the shortest time of getting jobs done. For the reason that time factor represents the term "fourth dimension" in all natural sciences while in reality it will be the most competitive edge for us. Therefore, we decided to name our company "Fourth Dimension Group". which was reflected on our logo that should represents the fourth dimension geometrical shape which can be fulfilled by putting a three dimensional shape inside another two or three dimensional object and that can be easily illustrated in our logo blue sphere surrounded by a ribbon with an extra elite indication to how fancy we deliver our services like a fancy wrapped gift.

What should you do?  

       1- Right click on 4THD Logo & save it for your reference.

       2- Re-create the logo from the scratch with the below shown conditions:

  • Diameter: 100cm.
  • Background: Transpaternt.
  • Same colours pantone codes / you are free to have different shadings.
  • Be sure that you produce a sphere and maybe yours will be better.
  • Design should be delivered in Adobe illustrator file format.
  • No other way to deliver your design except for email.

       Send it to  ASAP.

       Best of luck

Test-3 (Animated Logo)

Test3 (Animated 4THD Logo)

             You are requested to create Fourth Dimension animated logo with the below shown conditions:

  •  Animation: Nice & steady spinning 4thd logo (Like earth) OR Coming from horizon as a very small sphere then advancing towards the screen while getting bigger & bigger till it passes through.
  • Background: Transpaternt.
  • Speed: different outputs / 1-3 files of variable frames speed
  • Sphere Diameter: between 3cm & 7cm
  • Software: Free to use any.
  • Logo faces: 4THD only in front face but ribbon is surrounding the entire sphere.

       Best of luck


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